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For Pastors, Missionaries, and Full Time Workers

The Salt Lake Baptist College recognizes the need to help Veteran Pastors, Missionaries, and full-time Christian workers to get a degree or advance and up-grade their current degrees. This need is necessary because of the progressing world in which we labor.

In reality, the majority of Pastors, Missionaries, and many other full-time Christian workers have already increased their knowledge in current events and world progress; but, they just do not have the degree to prove it. Such proof is important to the congregations that we serve. Politicians, Doctors, Lawyers, Business men and other professionals server under our administrations and they expect he modern pastor to have degrees in his field of expertise exactly as they are expected to have and do posses in their own fields. The degrees, of course, do not make a pastor. It is God's call that does so; however, we as ministers owe it to our flock to hold these credentials.

Since the faithful pastor has already mastered many educational skills and knowledge, this program assists the pastor by granting hours based upon those skills, knowledge and thereby help him to earn his degree or upgrade his current one.

Take note that the Salt Lake Baptist College is not giving anything but is in fact granting the credit hours to the one who has rightfully earned those credits through hard work, study and trial and error.  A maximum of 32 hours of Ministry Credits can be earned.

This Degree Assistance Program is a Christian service that is offered by the college to help Christian workers enhance their ministry for the Lord Jesus Christ by enabling them to earn or advance their current degrees.

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Preparing God's People For Ministry     

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