Salt Lake Baptist College

This Tutorial is ONLY for Baptist students taking course for credit toward a degree.

If you are taking courses NOT FOR CREDIT toward a degree,
then CLICK HERE for instructions to Monitor Only.

Some students rush through this Tutorial.  Please do not do that.  If you do you will not accomplish all of the tasks required for proper registration and you will not understand all of the instructions contained in it.  TAKE YOUR TIME and read all of the Tutorial so you will understand all instructions and complete all required tasks to properly register as a student and know how to proceed with your courses.

    Follow these instructions to get you started on your first course FOR CREDIT TOWARD A DEGREE.

    Active links are supplied for each step so that you can open up the various pages to see what they look like.  Each of the links will open a new page in a separate window that you can close at any time to return to this tutorial page.

    I have tried to be clear in the instructions, but no one nor any work of man is perfect.  Therefore, if something is not clear, don't hesitate to contact me through the Contact Us form with any questions you may have about the process being taught in this tutorial or even requests for clarity or even suggestions on how to improve the tutorial itself.

    All courses require use of the King James Bible.  If you do not have one (or even if you do) then you can download a free Bible program from our study helps page.  Click HERE to go to the study helps page to download your free King James Bible and bible study program.  After you are done on that page, you can close it to return here to finish your Tutorial.

    There is a required link at the bottom of this Tutorial asking you to verify you have read and followed this entire Tutorial.  You must submit the short form from that link.

    When you finish with this Tutorial, close this page.

May God bless as you study,
Doc Van

Lets get started:

CAUTION, use of proper letter-case:
    Because of recurring problems in this matter, it is now required that all students observe proper letter-case in all communication with the college.  This includes when inputting your name. You may NOT use all upper-case or all lower-case letters.  The only time either is allowed is in the very rare cases when it is required.
    When you input your name on a test or form or include it in any other type of correspondence with the college, you are required to observe proper letter-case.  Therefore, when you input you name you must capitalize the first letter of each name and then use lower-case letters for the rest of the name.
    Example:  If you name is John Smith then you must enter it as John Smith and NOT john smith nor JOHN SMITH.  If this requirement is not followed then your form, test, or other correspondence will be disallowed and discarded and you will have to resubmit it following this requirement.

If you are taking course to earn a degree, rather than monitoring only,
then you are required to view the ADMINISTRATIVE FEE notice.

NOTE: You are responsible to pay the $15.00 USD per month
Administrative Fee if you are studying to earn a degree.

Fee begins your SECOND MONTH.
Your Registration/Application fee is all that is required the first month.

You must have your Fee paid up to date in order to graduate.
A Waiver will be granted if you can prove financial hardship.
Waiver must be submitted when you are accepted as a student.
Link to the Waiver is on the Administrative Fee page
accessed through the link above.

PASTOR RECOMMEND: This form is required for all students who currently attend a church. This is to let the pastor know that you are taking courses from us and that he approves.
1. If you are not currently attending a church, then you do not need to have this form submitted.
2. If you are the pastor, you DO NOT have to submit this form.

    Have your pastor go to the Pastor Recommend Form and fill out and submit that form.


    The next step is to Sign In for your first course.

As it would be if you were attending an on-campus college, it is
common for students to take many courses rather than just one.

Many of our online students take more that one course at a time.  The College is
set up in core courses. You are allowed to study as many of those as you desire
to run concurrently, but there is one caution- don't overload yourself with more
than you can handle given all of your current time constraints in all areas of
your life including sufficient time for your studies.


    If you do not meet the minimum attendance requirements for the course, then
you will not be allowed to take the Final Test.  Also, if the individual lesson tests
are spaced incorrectly, thus failing to meet  the minimum weekly attendance
requirements, then they will also be disallowed and will not be credited to your file.
You will have to retake them when you have met the attendance/study/testing
requirements.  Those requirements are explained on the individual course main
page as well as on other pages you have to access to get to those courses.

1. Make sure that you keep track of your attendance for each course that you
take.  Make a list of "Begin" and "Finish" dates for each course so that you can
make sure you meet the attendance requirements for each individual course.
You will need your "Begin" Sign In date to input on your "Finish" Sign In form.
You will also need to keep track of other pertinent information for each course.
Click this link,
COURSE RECORD FORM to access a downloadable sheet on 
which to keep your course information.  You will be able to download the form in
your choice of formats: as a Word doc or a pdf file or a WordPerfect wpd file.
You will need one copy of this form for each course that you take.  Record
all information for each course when you begin the course and then update the
form for each course with the pertinent information each time you submit work to
the college for that course.  If you do not have a printer, then download the form
as a Word or WordPerfect file and save it in your computer as a word-processor
file and then you can use it internally without having to print it out.  Remember to
keep it up-to-date as you progress through each course because you will need the
information on it later when you submit the Finish Sign In form and the Password
Retrieval or Closed Book Test Contract forms which you will submit when you
have finished each entire course.  Without the information from that form you will
not be able to retrieve the password, which you will need to access the Final Test.
2. Students are also required to report their grades for verification to the
Administrative Office at least every 6 months.  This is accomplished by means of the
Transcript and Grades Form.  To access that form, click that link.  Your
computer will ask you to specify where the form download is to be saved.  Specify
somewhere you will be able to easily find it.
To access an instruction video explaining use of the form, click HERE and scroll
down to the video entitled
How to Use the Transcript and Grades Template.
Update that form every time you start a course and every time you pass a quiz/test.
ATTENTION: Be sure to submit a copy of the form to the college at least every
six (6) months to keep your Academic File current.  Keep updating the same form
and add the new information to it and send a copy of it to the college.
Do not use a different form each time!

Sign In Form - this is how we keep a record of your attendance.

    Follow all instructions on the Sign In page exactly.  Be sure to submit the form after filling it out.  If you do not do so, then any tests you take will not be credited to your file.  The reason they cannot be credited to you is because we will have no record of your attendance and no way of knowing if you have met the attendance requirements for the course.

    Sign in once when you first start a course.  Use the "Begin Sign In" form and then sign in once again using the "Finish Sign In" form when you have completed the entire course and you are ready to take the Final Test.  These two dated forms, one marked "Begin" and one marked "Finish," are used to compute and verify your attendance for the course.  You do NOT submit a sign in to "Begin" and a sign in to "Finish" form for each individual lesson in the course.  You submit the forms only when you Begin and when you Finish each individual course.

    The required minimum attendance per lesson and required minimum attendance for the course are listed on each individual course main page.

Begin Sign In form:
    The link to these forms is found on each course main page.
    Once you submit the Sign In form you will be automatically taken to a confirmation page:
    Once you reach that page, either print out that page so you will have a copy of all of the pertinent information or save an electronic copy on your computer.

    When you are finished on the confirmation page, you will be told to:
Close this window to return to the form.

    You then close that window, which will return you to the sign in form.

    Back on the sign in form, in moving red letters in a box, you will be told to:

    Once you close that form you will be returned to the page from which you accessed it.

To sign in for more courses:
    A separate Sign In form must be submitted for each course.
    Keep a copy of the pertinent information for each individual course.

    To sign in for additional courses, simply follow the instructions found on the confirmation page.

TESTING INSTRUCTIONS AGREEMENT- Without reading and submitting this form you will not know how to fill out the opening page of the tests; and if the opening page of the tests is not filled out correctly and completely, then your test will be disallowed and you will have to take the test again in order to receive credit for it.

    This form must be read and followed exactly or you won't know how to input information on the opening page of the tests.  What to use for your User Name and User ID will also be explained on the Testing Instructions form.  On this form you will also find, in answer to a commonly asked question, an explanation of why we insist that all instructions be followed exactly.
Please access the Agreement and submit the Form by clicking this link: TESTING INSTRUCTIONS AGREEMENT
ATTENTIONS: Close that page when finished to return to this Tutorial.

    You may take more than one course at a time.  As in any other college, most students take several classes at the same time.  Other students, because of time constraints, only take one course at a time.  That choice is completely up to you.  You decide how you want to proceed with your education; but, be aware that the more courses you take to run concurrently, the sooner you will earn your degree.  And the fewer you take, the longer it will take to reach your goal.

   However, be aware of all constraints on your time from all areas of your life.  Do not overload yourself to the point where you become frustrated that you don't have enough time to properly do you homework for the courses.  If that happens, do not just give up and stop all together.  Simply put some of the courses on hold and continue with the ones that you do have time to work on properly.  Just send us an email informing us of the situation and we will keep your dropped courses active and then you can simply start them up again when you have time, continuing on from the spot where you had stopped.


    If you have any question, please contact me by email and I will try to help coach you through whatever problem you may be having with the process of getting to and completing whichever course you are attempting to take.


1. When you first begin as a student you must submit a Special Application form and a Testing Instructions Agreement Form.
2.  For every course you study you will need to do the following:
a.  Submit a Begin Sign In form to start your official attendance.
    On that form indicate the correct Minimum Required Attendance for Course and Minimum Required  Attendance per Lesson in that course.
b.  Download a Course Record form and a Transcript and Grades form and keep each of them up-to-date with all information for each course that you study.
3.  Access your course and study each lesson while meeting the minimum required attendance for that lesson.
4. Stop where indicated and take the required Lesson Test.
- Following instructions concerning whether the Lesson Test is "Open Book" or "Closed Book."
- Some tests will require passwords and some won't.  If a password is required, it will be plainly indicated.
- Submit any required Password Retrieval forms or Closed Book Test Contract forms as instructed in order to receive the password for any tests that require them.
- If there are no instructions concerning a password, then you may click on the text link and it will open automatically.
- After taking a Lesson Test, you are required to find the correct answers in the textbook, workbook, or King James Bible, whichever is appropriate, for every question you missed on the test whether you passed or failed it.  This must be done for all tests in all courses- pass or fail you must find the correct answers to missed questions. You will automatically receive a copy of every test taken. You may use it to verify that you have found the correct answers in the study materials.
- Once you have passed the test and looked up the correct answers to any questions missed on the test, then you can begin your attendance for the next lesson on or after the day after you passed the current test.
- Open your TRANSCRIPT and GRADES FORM and locate the listing for that Course and enter
your grade in the appropriate box.
5. After completing all Lessons and receiving passing scores on all Lesson Test and meeting the missed answer lookup requirement for any questions missed on any test, pass or fail, then you will submit a Finish Sign In form to officially terminate your attendance for the course overall.
6. After you have submitted your Finish Sign In form, then you may proceed to the Final Test.
Submit any required Password Retrieval forms or Closed Book Test Contract forms as instructed for any Final Tests that require a password.
7. You will receive the password automatically when you submit the form..
- When you receive the password, you may then take the Final Test.
    Passwords must be entered utilizing proper letter-case.
- Once you have passed the Final Test, do not repeat it trying to achieve a higher score.  Only your first passing score can be credited to you.
- You must then look up the correct answers to all questions missed on the Final Test, pass or fail, just as you were required to do after each Lesson Test.  You must do this for every test, whether you pass or fail the test, in every course.
- Enter your Final Test Score on your TRANSCRIPT and GRADES FORM.  Every 3 months you must submit a copy of that form to the College for verification and to update your Academic File.

May God bless as you study,

Doc Van

(Clicking this link and submitting this verification is required.)

Close that page to return to this Tutorial and continue on in it.

If you are a new student, you are required to begin with the First Level Courses unless you have been instructed by the college to do otherwise.
    If you have already studied some of the First Level Courses at a previous educational institution, upon your request we will assess your Transcripts (send a scanned copy of your Transcript to us) and determine the equivalency of those courses to see if you will be excused from taking them again from us.  You may choose to repeat them and you will receive credit for them from your Transcript as well as repeat credits for taking them again with us.
    However, some First and Second Level Courses were written specifically for us and, therefore, no equivalents are taught at other educational institutions.  This is true even if those other schools have courses with the same names.  The following basic courses are mandatory for all new students:

The Church
The Bible
Soul-winning Practicum I.
First Corinthians
Christian Character I. (The Beatitudes)
Spiritual Warfare

NOTE: Exceptions may be made on a student by student basis.

Contact Us if you want an exception made in the FIRST LEVEL courses or if you have any questions about this Tutorial.