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Part 1 of 2 forms to be filled out:

Check the skills you have already developed and mastered.

Fill out all personal Info.  If we receive this form without your personal info on it, then we have to discard the form because we can not process it without that information.

Name E-mail
Address City
State Zip
Day Phone Fax
Evening Phone DOB
Church currently attending
If none, leave as none.
Sunday School Teacher or Assistant ( Any Grade (s) )
Athletics-Directing or Assisting ( All church functions )
Teaching Aids
Practical Christian Mental Abuse Ministries, Demonstrations & Solutions
Research Projects ( For Church, Sunday School etc.. )
Prepare Written Sunday School & Bible Study Lesson
Tour Group or Field Trip Director
Child Development ( Includes Childcare/Nursery)
Counseling ( Youth and Adult ) Are you certified  Yes   No
If so, by whom :
Professorship in Bible or Secular College
If so, where:
Vacation Bible School Director or Assistant
Camp Director or Assistant
Retreat Director or Assistant
If other, specify:
Radio ( Recordings, Organization, Live performances, etc )
Television (Recordings, Organization )
Secretarial ( Church, Pastor, School, etc)
Journalism ( Bulletins, Church Articles, Newsletter, Newspapers, etc )
Typing ( Any Form )
Computer ( Data entry, Recording, Programming, Repair, etc. )
Fax Operator
Secular Education ( Teacher, Aide, Principle etc )
Business ( Owned or Operated )
Advertisement ( All Ministries )
Printing ( Includes printing press, etc )
Economics ( Budgets, Finances, etc )
Accounting ( Church Books, etc )
Management (Leadership over class or office personnel )
Church Signs ( Constructed, painted, assembled )
Ham or CB Operator ( Ministry Related Only)
Short Hand
Tracts ( Development and or design of )
Fund Raisers
Program Organizer or Leadership
Bus Ministries
Children's Church ( Director, teacher, assistant )
Puppet Ministries
Street Outreach Ministries
Personal Evangelism
Yard Maintenance ( Mowing, Edging, etc )
Home Missions ( Planting churches, etc )
Custodial Services ( Cleaning, Vacuuming, etc )
Entertainment Director or Coordinator ( Home and Church Functions )
Food Preparation (Canning, Church Dinners, etc )
Voice or Choir ( Solos, duets, trios, cantatas etc )
Music Director or Assistant
Auto Mechanic ( Bus Repairs, ministry vehicle repairs and maintenance )
Drama and Theatrical Stage ( Drama, Skits, Plays, productions etc )
Jail or Prison Ministries ( Preached at, directed, assisted etc )
Interior Decorator or Designer
Airplane ( Flying, Navigator, etc )
Prayer and Fasting ( Individual or as partners )
Ministry Touring - Travel ( Missionary tour, etc )
Butchering ( Animals, Fish, Fowl etc for ministry socials or ministry events )
Art ( Brush, Oils, Chalk art, etc )
Revivals ( Local church, brush arbor, etc )
Missions ( Teaching, training )
Discipleship Training ( Training new converts )
Gardening ( Feed or sell to support Christian's income )
If other, specify:

Masonry ( Brick Work )
Air Conditioning and Heating
Sheet Rock ( Erecting and Finishing )
Painting ( Priming or Finishing )
Roofing ( All types )
Floor Laying ( Carpet, tile, etc )
Parking Lot ( Laying of asphalt, line painting, etc )
Construction ( Room additions, remodeling, etc )
Snow Removal ( All areas )
Demolition and Salvage ( take apart buildings and salvage )
Please specify below:

Your credit hours earned include the number of years you have been involved in the Ministry. Your ministry began when you moved into Christian service. Whether it began as a Pastor, Assistant Pastor, Music Director, Christian School worker, Missionary, Sunday School Teacher, etc., whether full-time or as a volunteer or helper, you will receive credit according to the following schedule.
  1 credit per category up to 32 credits maximum Life Experience overall
  1 credit for each year in the ministry as defined above up to 32 credits 

Other credit hours earned at Bible or Secular College.

S.L.B.C. will take transcripts from any college or institute you may have attended and will give you College credit (s) for all of the subjects you took that apply to Christian Work and Services,

How many years have you been in the ministry as it is defined above?

To have your Life Experience Skills Questionnaire assessed you must also submit an Application form.  If you have not yet submitted one, then please click this link
Personal Application and do so now.  Both forms are required for consideration of your application to our online student body.
The form will open in a new window which you can close to return to this form after you have submitted that form.


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